Government of New Brunswick

There are agencies across the province ready to welcome you and help you adjust to your new life in New Brunswick. These agencies can assist you with accessing language training, finding employment, and getting to know your new community. They can also be a place to go when you need information about living and working here. Some associations organize intercultural and multicultural activities to bring together Canadians and newcomers to meet and get to know each other.

To find organizations for people who share your origins or culture, refer to New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC). It is the non-profit, umbrella organization for immigrant-serving agencies, as well as multicultural and ethno-cultural associations in the province. For a complete listing of agencies and associations, please refer to NBMC’s listings of member organizations.



Immigrant-serving agencies by county:

Gloucester County 

Multicultural Association Chaleur Region Inc.
Bathurst, NB

Centre d’accueil des nouveaux arrivants
de la Péninsule acadienne (CAIENA-PA)
(French website only)
Caraquet, NB


Madawaska County

Centre de ressources pour nouveaux
arrivants au Nord-Ouest Inc.

Edmundston, NB
Grand Falls, NB


Northumberland County

Miramichi Regional Multicultural Association
Miramichi, NB


Charlotte County

Multicultural Association of Charlotte County (CCMA)
St. George, NB


Restigouche County

Association Multiculturelle du Restigouche
Campbellton, NB